our team

Our business is simple,
we have four exceptional business divisions.


We have one group who build things – our Technical team.

We do the research; we plan the solutions and then they make them.

Using an agile way of working we place trust in a team that have either been with us for a long time or has been hand picked to help us achieve our goals.

Marketing & strategy

Everything we do is done for a reason and the team that sow the seed in our business is core to everything we do.

We start with an idea which we research and then build in to a business proposal before handing it over to “technical” and then taking it back and turning it in to a real business.

This team includes Marketing experts, financial experts and our senior managers who all work together to formulate and execute our plans


Customer support

One team we are very proud off is our support functions.

Over the years we have built a great team who are experts in our products, our industries and looking after our customers.

Our customer support functions speak over 15 languages combined so that we can talk to our clients in their language either on the phone, by email or almost any other way they like.


Our sales team are the tip of the arrow when it comes to taking our products in to the market and also ensuing they stay there.

They deal with calls and contact from existing customer to ensure we maximize or incomes but they also work hard on outbound campaigns in order to make the world aware of our new products and to bring more and more people on to our current platforms

Like customer support, we are multi-lingual and happy to talk to our customers on the phone, via email and on live chat functions.